Concept and Design by Ole Scheeren

This exhibition presents one of the most innovative and complex architecture projects in the world: the CCTV and TVCC buildings in Beijing.

Exhibition at the Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, 2006
Curated by Tina Di Carlo
Concept and Design by Ole Scheeren

Introduction (MoMA)
This exhibition presents one of the most innovative and complex architecture projects in the world: the China Central Television headquarters and the Television Cultural Center (CCTV and TVCC) by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA).

Inspired by the project’s inclusion in The Museum of Modern Art’s Tall Buildings exhibition in 2004 and Ole Scheeren’s “Made in China” lecture in Shanghai in September 2005, the installation comprises an in-depth look into the architectural design of both buildings. Though the project is best known for its form, it poses innovation far beyond external appearance. The exhibition focuses on the projects’ internal richness and complexity and explores the projects’ organizational structure. This term refers to a causally related organization of elements and systems that not only affects the way in which a building is used but what happens inside it: technically, professionally, and socially.

It is this notion of “interiority” that the exhibition explores through a large compendium of material. Each level of the gallery complex is dedicated to a different facet of the project: exterior, interior, and conceptual development. In the restaurant 1:100 models of TVCC and CCTV are set against a mural of the new Central Business District. The iconographic forms, situated amidst Beijing’s new center, are juxtaposed against the historic center of the Forbidden City visible through the windows. Downstairs the gallery space forms a loop. An immersive environment of imagery and information presents four themes: context, organizational structure, the collective, and the virtual. CCTV is presented on the outer walls of the loop, TVCC on the inner walls. Each wall focuses n one theme. Upstairs, the cigar divan hosts a series of look books that offer an intimate encounter with the enormous depth and conceptual development of the project.

CURATOR: Tina Di Carlo, Assistant Curator, Museum of Modern Art, New York
DESIGN TEAM: Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Beijing
GRAPHIC PRODUCTION: JOYN:viscom / Jiang Jian, Weestar, Zhu Yong, Been
COURTYARD GALLERY: Jeremy Wingfield, Naihan Li, Brian Gottlieb, Junwei Yuan, Philip Tinari
PHOTOGRAPHY: Iwan Baan, Kevin Ou
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